Gumbo Magazine

Print Publication
February 22, 2020
Editor-in-Chief, Writing, Editing, Strategy, Curation, Editorial Manager

Project Overview

Gumbo Magazine is a hard-cover print publication by Gumbo Media, giving life to 176 pages of poetry, essays, short stories, art, comics, and photos from 80+ talented emerging Black creatives from around the world. Gumbo Magazine is a tactile exploration and archive of the expansiveness of Black life. 

February 2020, Issue 001: Black is described as “a love letter to Black life.” The issue celebrates the many corners and intersections of the Black experience, explores the questions that shape Black identity, and highlights the histories and discourses left unspoken.

As a writer/editor and Co-Founder of Gumbo Media, I serve as (Co) Editor-in-Chief for the publication and help manage all processes, including editorial, design, manufacturing, advertising, and distribution.