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I was born in Stockholm, reared in Minneapolis, found my voice in Chicago, and now live a quiet life in Los Angeles. I'm a writer, speaker, brand consultant, and social entrepreneur with a creative propensity and a passion for equity and inclusion. I run a media company and brand consultancy, so I've built up years of expertise helping clients tell compelling stories. My work brings clarity and alignment to companies and communities through storytelling, efficient communications, and thoughtful brand identity.

In my personal work, I'm inspired by master wordsmiths like Baldwin, Morrison, and Coehlo. Meaning I seek truth—my truth—and make it plain. I don't like to tell people what to do or how to feel; I prefer to reckon with myself honestly, and to hold up my reflections as a mirror, so that I might invite others to reflect, too—all in the pursuit of something more honest, pure, and human.

my experience

M.A. writing + publishing

DePaul University // 2018

From peer editing to a Master’s thesis, I learned how to find and refine a unique, dynamic voice and set any story up for public success.

Brand Consulting

Gumbo Media // 2016-Present

Through our services portfolio of diverse clients, this boutique collective of creatives has helped over 100 businesses tell their stories better.

Writing + Editing

Freelance, Personal // 2009-Present

From personal stories to solo client engagements, I’ve written more stories than I can count. My through-line across is purpose and impact.

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